Soms schrijf ik in het Nederlands, soms in het Engels. Normaal schrijf ik code.

I’m a problem solver for tech companies.

Here’s my: LinkedIn. How much I develop in my spare time: Beeminder.


  • Via Treehouse since May 2016.
  • Via Codaisseur since October 2016.
  • With Elixir/Phoenix, Ruby/Rails, JS/Node (incl. ES6), Mocha, Chai, React, Redux, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Sass.
  • Using databases like Postgresql, NoSQL, SQLite, MongoDB
  • With Hosting on Heroku, Amazon(S3), Bitbucket, Gitlab & Github
  • Via Rails with gems like rspec, factory_girl, i18n, faker, cloudinary, carrierwave, mini_magick, fog, friendly_id, devise